Angel Ponce

Angel Ponce is the Director of the City of Houston Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD). Ponce is a bilingual advocacy and government professional. He worked as the Senior Community Engagement Liaison at MOPD between 2014 to 2021. In 2004, Ponce suffered a spinal cord injury resulting from an automobile wreck. He is now a wheelchair user. While at MOPD, Ponce provided management support to the Houston Commission on Disabilities (HCOD), served as a translator between legal department attorneys and Spanish-speaking residents, conducted disability awareness workshops for employers, and disability etiquette and educational presentations for youth and professionals. He also provided management support in the City of Houston Mayor’s Anti-Gang Office from 2008 to 2014. Ponce was co-founder of the National Coalition for Latinxs with Disabilities (CNLD) and is currently the Chair for the United Way of Greater Houston, Interagency Information and Referral Network. He holds an Associate degree from Lone Star College and is currently attending the University of Houston pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Management and Leadership.